Enough is Enough
Season 2, Episode 8
Summain 281 (2)
First Aired March 5, 2007
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""With Friends Like These...""
""New Year, New Friends""
Enough is Enough is the eighth episode of The Hills second season


At Teen Vogue, Lisa Love tells Whitney and Lauren that they'll be helping Lawren Howe, Vogue's West Coast Fashion Editor, on a photo shoot. When Lisa asks if they know any LA teens with 'the look', Whitney offers up her younger sister, Jade. While Lauren thinks the shoot is a good opportunity, Whitney wants more responsibility. After five years as a fashion intern, she's tired of low-level jobs. Back in the Hills, Heidi comes home to pack for her trip to Santa Barbara. Planning to be out until Sunday, she suggests she and Lauren schedule a date for Monday. Walking around LA, Audrina asks Lauren if she'd like to go on a double date with her new guy, Chris, and his hockey-player friend, Blake. Although Lauren is a little skeptical of the setup, she looks forward to meeting a normal "guy's guy." In Santa Barbara, Heidi and Spencer walk the beach and Spencer suggests they stay another night. Although Heidi worries that Lauren will be mad, Spencer assures her that if the tables were turned, Lauren wouldn't think twice about leaving her behind. On the way to the double date, Lauren warns Audrina that it's her fault if the new dude doesn't measure up to expectations. But, when her date, Blake, wants dessert first, Lauren thinks he might just be her kind of guy. Although the hockey stud doesn't ask for her number, he asks if the group can go out again, and Lauren's left thinking she's getting better at the dating game. At the photo shoot, Whitney starts to complain when Lawren Howe nitpicks on the set. Standing by as her sister gets primped while posing, she can't help but get frustrated. Eager to work as a stylist, she's sick of intern tasks like cutting off tags and holding pins. When Lawren tells the girls they'll need to stay late to pack up, Whitney explains she has a farewell dinner for her sister, but Lawren doesn't seem to care. Lauren steps up to the plate and volunteers, saying she doesn't mind helping out if Whitney needs to leave beforehand. On her way home, Lauren receives a call from Audrina, who says the boys want to have another dinner date at Café Sushi, but Lauren opts out because of her plans with Heidi. When she arrives home, she finds a note from her roommate, who bailed on their Lauren/Heidi date to go to the movies with Spencer. A frustrated Lauren calls Audrina, hoping to firm up new plans for the evening.