Timing Is Everything
Season 1, Episode 10
281x211 (1)
First Aired August 2, 2006
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"Love Is Not A Maybe Thing"
"Out With the Old..."
Timing Is Everything is the tenth episode of The Hills it aired on August 2, 2006


After a crazy year in L.A. the girls are ready to wrap up their internships at Teen Vogue. Whitney has a summer internship lined up in NYC, but Lauren's plans are still uncertain. She and Jason head down to Malibu to look at a summer house that he wants to rent with her. Back at Teen Vogue, the girls get ready for fashion week. Lisa Love wants everything to run smoothly when the other Teen Vogue editors come to town. She assigns the girls two different jobs and sends them on their way. Lauren heads down to meet Lisa and Amy Astley, editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. Lisa informs her that she needs two extra tickets to the sold-out Jennifer Nicholson show. Lauren meets with Jennifer Nicholson's publicist Kelly, who tells her she needs to know exactly who the tickets are for. Lauren frantically attempts to contact Lisa for the names but instead she runs into Heidi and Audrina, whom Brent got tickets for. In a panic, Lauren finally gets a hold of Lisa and receives the names. After being scolded by Kelly she gets the tickets to the editors. The next day at work, Blaine asks that Lauren meet with Lisa. A bit nervous, considering her last trip to Lisa's office, she heads over. Lisa explains she did a fantastic job during fashion week and offers her a summer internship in Paris! Sounds incredible--but what about her house with Jason? Whitney and Heidi tell Lauren she is crazy if she doesn't take internship but Lauren just can't decide. Maybe a trip to see Jason will make up her mind. When she arrives at the summer house, Jason says he will support her decision but asks a stern "what are you going to do?" With a confused face, Lauren says she still doesn't know. Back in L.A. Audrina and Heidi talk about their love lives. Heidi confirms she is over Jordan and wants to meet as many guys as possible this summer. They both agree that they will miss Lauren but know that she is going to make the right decision -- or so they think. As Lauren packs for her summer, Heidi is bummed. The two embrace with a hug and say their goodbyes. Lauren gets in her car, while Lisa is waiting at the airport and Jason is waiting at the Malibu house. Who will she choose? Top down and suitcase in the back she pulls into the Malibu home and shares the sunset with Jason. He tells her he loves her and this is going to be an amazing summer. With Lauren at Jason's, it looks like the Paris internship is going to... Whitney! Will Lauren's sacrifice be worth it?